Rae Martini (Milan, Italy, 1976) is a contemporary artist working internationally, analysing and researching aesthetic interactions between different media to create multilayered abstract combined paintings. 

From the advanced lettering structures/styles paintings as unauthorized interventions in public space of the early years of his productions (1989/2010) to the following and actual use of matter as a tool (fire, paper, enamel, tar, concrete, solvent) to create and accelerate the over-time effect on surfaces.

He Actually lives and works in Milan, Italy.

"At the beginning of the new millennium, Rae Martini brings together the technical experience and adrenaline of the streets with the conceptual reflection and the eloquence of painted surfaces.

He develops a harmony of emotions and gestures in which the mysterious symbols of his artistic incipit come back to surface in the bichromatic passages of his paintings. Thus exalting his work and proclaiming the achievement of his art synthesis."  

Julie Kogler, art historian, critic and curator.

Show/performance/lecture/permanent collection at: 

Museum MUCEM - Musée de civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, Marseille,

Museum Giuli Rosselmini Gualandi (Palazzo Blu), Pisa,

Museum MAC - Contemporary Art Museum of San Paolo, Brasil, 

Museum PAC - Padiglione d'arte contemporanea, Milan,  

Museum Santa Maria della Scala, Siena,

Museum Castel Nuovo - Fondazione Valenzi, Naples, 

Museum MLAC Museo Laboratorio Arte Contemporanea, Università La Sapienza, Roma,

Museum MAMBO - Museo arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bologna,

Art Basel 2013, Artstuebli Gallery, 

Art Basel Miami - Wynwood Art District Miami,

54 Venice Biennale, pavilion Italy special project, Palazzo della Regione, Milano,

Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 

Palazzo Corvaja, Taormina,

Schoeneck Gallery, Basel

Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles, 

Soze Gallery, Los Angeles, 

Unruly Gallery, Amsterdam, 

Galerie Openspace, Paris, 

Prague City Gallery, Prague

Edward Cutler Gallery Milan/London/Zurich, 

Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, 

Millon & Cornette de Saint Cyr, Paris, 

Stroke Art Fair, Monaco, 

Hausammann Gallery, Cortina/Miami, 

Triennale BVS, Milan,

Galleria CareOff/Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan


Selected shows:

2022 A question of style — Lecture -  MLAC Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea - Città Universitaria La Sapienza - Palazzo del Rettorato, Roma, IT 


2021 Attitude - collective show - Museum Giuli Rosselmini Gualandi (Palazzo Blu) - Pisa - IT


2020 MUCEM - Musée de civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée - Public permanent collection - Marseille, FR


2018 No font codex 2 - group show - Avantgarden gallery - Milan, IT


2017 Artstuebli archive - group show - Artstuebli art gallery - Basel, CH


2016 PoPism: Da Warhol a Banksy - group show - Palazzo Corvaja - Taormina, Sicily - IT

          APT Global collection - NeueHouse Hollywood - Los Angeles - USA


2015 Urban Masters - group show - Hausammann Gallery - Miami, FL - USA

         Triple shot - group show - Hausammann Gallery - Miami, FL - USA

         Stroke 10 Art Fair - Munich, DL

         Futureshock - solo show - Hausammann Gallery - Miami, FL - USA


2014 Exploding structures - solo show - Hausammann Gallery - Cortina d'Ampezzo, IT

         GAP - Galleries at Paratissima - Artissima Torino - fiera internazionale d'arte - Turin, IT

         Frontier Voices - conference - MAMBO Museum of Modern Art of Bologna - Bologna, IT

         Frontier - MAMBO Museum of Modern Art of Bologna project - Bologna, IT

         Emergence Art Fest - mural installation - Giardini Naxos - Sicily, IT


2013  Art Basel 2013 - Artstuebli - group show - CH

          Galerie Openspace Paris - Tortured papers - solo show  - FR

          Galerie Schoeneck - Basel. Soulié - Tàpies - Alsterlind - Rae Martini - Smash137 - Basel, CH

          Galleria Edward Cutler - Memory and traces, group show - Milan, IT


2012  Urban Art Basel / ArtYou award - prize winner, Basel, CH

          Soze Gallery DTLA - Graffuturism collective show - Los Angeles, USA

          Stuck to the city - Prague City Gallery - Prague, CZ

          ArtYou - Urbane Kunst Basel - Artsubli - Basel, CH

          Carmichael Gallery - Disambiguation - group show - Los Angeles, USA

          Unruly Gallery - 24 Carat Dirt - solo show - Amsterdam, NL

          The Don Gallery - 24 Carat Dirt - solo show - Milan, IT

          Stroke 07 Urban Art fair - Praterinsel - Munich, DL


2011 Graffuturism - Art Basel Miami - Wynwood Art District - mural installation - Miami, USA

         Faire le Mur - Le Lieu Unique - show - Nantes, FR         

         Lo stato dell'arte - 54 Venice Biennale International Art show special project , IT


2010 Rae Martini - Fondazione Valenzi, solo show, Castel Nuovo, Naples - IT


2009 Graffiti et Street Art, Millon & Cornette de Saint Cyr, La Cigale, Paris - FR


2008 Centro Cultural Recoleta, Street Art Italy/Argentina, collective show - Buenos Aires, AR         

         Names Fest, Hall C/Kino Aero, Rebel Ink performance, collective show, Prague, CZ

         Museo S. Maria della Scala - Piazza il Campo, Bright Disorder, collective show/performance, Siena, IT         

         MAC - Museu de Arte Contemporanea San Paolo, collective show, San Paolo, BR


2007 PAC - Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Street art Sweet art, collective show, Milan, IT         

          Avantgarden Gallery, Rae Martini, Pho, Termine, collective show, Milan, IT


2006 Triennale BVS - Base B, MINAMEIS, collective show, Milan, IT
         Galleria CareOf/Fabbrica del Vapore, Talk to the city, collective show, Milano,  IT         

         Galleria Antonio Battaglia, Paintings 2006, solo show, Milan,  IT         

         Henxs Gallery, Mikosa project, collective show, Amsterdam, NL


2005 WesterGasfabriek, X05, collective show, Amsterdam, NL
         Studio Ready Made, Pre writing, post script, Milan,  IT
         Spazio P4, Urban Edge Show, collective show, Milan,  IT
         Spazio P4, The city, solo show, Milan,  IT