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Tortured papers  - 2013

Technique: India ink, permanent marker and graphite on vellum paper.
From the homonymous solo show at Galerie Chenus Longhi - Paris.

Tortured papers is an exercise in rupturing the study of alphabetical structures, a graphic split from the grapheme that results in fusion/clash with the square, circle and triangle, primary plane elements that symbolize the author's devotion to geometry and evoke its perennial presence. The series of works created in India ink and graphite on parchment paper represents the fusion of the alphabetical structures of Latin letters - the author's subject of study since 1989 - with the techniques of fragmenting them added to geometric elements. Subjects range from post-alphabetic elements, to floating square and triangular figures, to the aesthetic seeds of the concept of repetition - represented by the dense series of straight lines - which from being spatial in this series will evolve to temporal in the later period of Temporal Units (2023).

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